VASICseer version running on asicTasic modelBlive asic blades / detected asic blades, hover to get chain xtime, click to get historical graphnameasic name, hover over for more info (click on any worker name to copy to clipboard)aailment, condition, event that affects asic, hover over for more infoloclocation of asic, works as 'worker name' if assignedipasic ip address, hover over to see local pool infoadminasic local administrative interfacespelapsed time since asic lasted pinged your stats panel (last reachable)belapsed time since asic booted (asic uptime), click to get historical graphmelapsed time since miner has started on asic (running miner)uelapsed time since ASICseer last updated/installed on this asic. If "autoupdate on", each asic determines its own daily check timeselapsed time since asic started running ASICseeriasic time since internet last started, useful for unplugging/replugging ethernet to order rigsrx10 minute average of kbps received by asic (may indicate compromise if value is very high and asic port is open)tx10 minute average of kbps send by asic (may indicate compromise if value is very high and asic port is open)Mmemory footprint used by ASICseer (in megabytes)L5 minute load average on asic (sysload)Ftotal free space available on asic (in megabytes)Htotal asic hashrateH+percentage of extra hashrate on asichasheshashrate per asic blade, hover over for more detailed hashratecoreasic blade core clocks (in ghz), hover over to see per-chip hashrates in mhzerrasic blade amount of hardware errors (exponential display 2 = 10-99, 3, = 100-999, etc) per day since miner started, hover over to get linear displaydasic amount of dead chips per bladeb temptemperature of asic blades (in C), click to get historical graphc tempasic blade average temperature of chips, click to get historical graphvoltsasic blade volts, click to get historical graphrwwatts used per asic, click to get historical graphwattsasic blade estimated watts (rounded to even numbers), click to get historical graphfansasic blade fan rpms (in K-rpm), click to get historical graph, hover to see more details