logocurrent ASICseer version is 1.2.0-1d6a
2/3 hb 1.4total kilowatts of all ASICs kw | 11.0total hashrate of all ASICs th/s 88 w/thefficiency in watts/terahash (only counted if miner uptime > 25 mins) | .67 rejpercent of rejected shares (only counted if miner uptime > 25 mins) | 51% fanpercent of average fanspeed (optimal range is 30-60%)
1/1 ASIC 72.3average temperature of farm °C sep 26 2020 14:36:51 utc: 1601131011
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z119-f7b71.1.9-f7b7 982/3 |]S937e5e0lukassenmining.37e5e0 @ eu.stratum.slushpool.com:3333
0xc51e @ Wed Dec 5 15:12:44 CST 2018 Antminer S9 V1.2
blink red/green: idle/hashrate
1 R c2d2🔘 26 '20 14:35
287m5Sep 26 '20 14:32
Sep 19 '20 10:08
7d 4h 28m
Jul 31 '20 03:54
57d 10h 42m
Jun 29 '20 21:05
88d 17h 31m
29714954d343Oct 18 '19 16:27
343d 22h 9m
Jul 28 '20 05:30
60d 9h 6m
Sep 5 '19 21:51
386d 16h 45m
011.0.67884 0 0 0.1 5.4 5.5762 776 781 na 71 74860 860 8601389/1500424 456 46250.5 [ ] 3.7 4.8